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Contrary to popular opinion, the most important thing to become fluent in English is not about learning grammar, memorizing vocabulary, or mastering phrasal verbs.

The most critical element to fluency is understanding the sound system of a language.

It took me about a decade to realize this, but it's true.

This book covers the sounds of spoken English.

So any sound that I make (or any other native speaker, for that matter) is composed of one or more of these sounds.

That means that if you have difficulty understanding natives, speaking without getting stuck, or just a simple lack of confidence; your problems can be traced back to a misunderstanding of one or more of these sounds.

The point of this book is merely to introduce you the of the sounds of English, provide real-life examples, and give you some practical tips along the way.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive examination of the English sound system. There are plenty of books on the subject, believe me I've read them. For the most part, they are dense and don't actually help you speak more fluently.

If you really want to take your English to the next level, you need to learn which sounds you are having trouble with and how to physically correct your errors, then check out Sound School.

Sound School was designed just for that. Honestly, an e-book (or even a 400-page textbook) can't teach you how to speak English fluently. You need more interactive and personalized training for that.

Without further ado, The Sounds of English…
Structure of this course:

In this introduction to the Sounds of English, we will cover each sound in brief detail. Each section will begin with a short overview of each Sound in English, how to produce the sound, and perhaps some of the most common mistakes we see with our students.

After an introduction to the sound, we will provide the most common spellings and useful words to train each sound.

This book was specifically structured so you can personally identify which sounds are most difficult for you and start correcting them.
Table of Contents
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Fixed Vowels
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Fixed vowels are vowels that don't move when you produce them.

That means that your tongue position stays the same. You probably don't think about it much, but your tongue moves a lot when you're speaking.

Not with these bad boys. Let's take a look.

/AH/ as in hot, drop, job

  • Hot / Quente; Sexy
  • Not / Não
  • Job / Trabalho; Emprego; Serviço
  • Rob / Roubar; Assaltar
  • Drop / Cair
  • Lock / Fechado; Fechadura; Bloqueio
  • On / Sobre; Ligado; Aceso
  • Wrong / Errado; Incorreto; Erro
  • Song / Canção; Música

This sound exists in Portuguese in words like chato, rato, prato.

In written representations, the American "O" is oftentimes the Portuguese, "A." Crazy, right?

Common Spellings of the /AH/ Sound

  • O
  • A
Common Words with the /AH/ Sound

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