Sound School Pronúncia para Brasileiros
Um curso não convencional para aprender mais rápido, entender nativos e falar sem vergonha.
12 Semanas: What You Can Expect to Achieve
In 12 weeks, you can expect to dramatically improve your speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills. Most importantly, you will never think about English in the same way.
Falar com confiança
Entender nativos
Decorar vocabulário sem esforço
I cover all styles on both electric and acoustic guitar, enabling my guitar students to learn through the playing the songs that they love. Whether that is rock, pop, jazz, funk, blues, folk or anything in between we can cover it in our lessons.
Why people choose? I use the best teaching materials of Berklee College of Music — the most reputable music school.

These materials were engaged by guitar stars: Steve Vai, John Scofield, John Petrucci, Mike Stern, Al Di Meola.

Knowledge that is systematized and packaged in a series of lessons with the same theme.
The main objective of the course — familiarity with the tools and skill acquisition in popular accompaniment styles. The course covers basic knowledge and skills from all areas of musical practice, enough to start to accompany, to play your favourite song on the guitar.
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Continuing Professional Development
Acquire the skills necessary professional guitarist, "see" vulture, understand tool. Here we deal only with technical issues, recruit level.
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Hear and understand, feel the rhythm and time, to find "footing" and to become, finally, the musician. Here, all that is needed to begin to develop hearing and sense of rhythm. We will listen to and understand what others are playing, and learn to play their ideas.
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Diretor do Sound School
Foster Hodge
Americano, professor de línguas, empreendedor, amante da cultura e da música brasileira. Quando ele não está ensinando, pode achar ele viajando, tirando fotos e à procura de novas cervejas artesanais (normalmente tudo ao mesmo tempo). Seu desejo era criar uma escola de inglês específica para brasileiros após 10 anos ensinando inglês.
What exactly you are going to learn
Unlike traditional language courses that focus on reading and grammar, we teach you the tools to speak English confidently and understand native speakers.
Os sons do inglês
There are 42 Sounds in English. Some of them exists in Portuguese and some of them do not. To speak English confidently without thinking about grammar and getting stuck, you have to understand the sounds. With our comprehensive approach, we teach you every sound step-by-step.
Your ideas are really important
Don't allow lack of knowledge to kill them. Book your first lesson or simply to find out more about my guitar lessons don't hesitate get in touch via the contact form below.
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